Award Categories

The Impartial Reporter Celebration of Sport recognises the efforts of the people within the heart of our local sporting community, across 9 categories. It’s that time again to place a nomination to give our sporting unsung heroes and sporting elite the chance to be rewarded.

This is a chance for you to get your local sports hero the recognition for their achievements and reward them all their efforts.

We would encourage nominations from our readers who read week in week out our sports pages, teams members, coaches and sports men women and children who are involved in sport.

We are seeking nominations in the following categories :

Senior Sports Personality

The Senior Sports Personality award is the blue riband individual award of the evening and is awarded to the Fermanagh man or woman (18 and over) who has had a simply outstanding year in their chosen sports.

This may well be at an international and national level or dominace at a local level but the worthy recipient will be one who whose dedication and commitment to their chosen sport is matched with a high level of success. This should be reflected in all nominations.

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Young Sports Personality

The young Sports Personality award goes to the young person in the 14-17 age category that has enjoyed a brilliant sporting year and has also shown the potential to progress their career further.

In addition, the awarding of a bursary to the winner of this category is to reflect that achieving your goals takes a massive commitment that does not come cheaply and we are delighted to be able to help in some way.

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Star of the Future

Is awarded to a young sports boy or girl under the age of 14 who in the past year has achieved something that sets them apart as someone with a very bright future in their chosen sport. Nominations should reflect a level of success but more importantly and a great attitude and potential.

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Coach of the Year

The Coach of the Year is awarded to a man or woman who has made an outstanding contribution in the sporting arena to help a team or an individual to sporting success. This man or woman will have invested much time and effort to pushing our sports stars towards achieving their chosen goals and without whom the high standards celebrated would not have been achieved.

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Senior Sports Team

The Senior Sports team will be a group of sports stars who will have achieved greatly by combining and harnessing their skills into a highly motivated and successful team. The winning team will have achieved notable success and shown a commitment to excellence that has helped set them apart from their peers and all nominations should reflect this.

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Volunteer of the Year

This award will be made to a volunteer who is over 25 years of age. The winner of this award will have made an outstanding contribution to their club, school or team. This award recognition of their commitment.

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Young Sports Team

Will be awarded to a group of young men or women who have achieved excellence in their chosen field.

This will be achieved by showing a willingness to learn, to listen and to avail of good coaching. Hence the winning team will combine all this with their talent and dedication to enjoy top level success.

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Disability Sports Personality

The Disability Sports Personality award will be awarded to the person who has not only enjoyed lots of success but also someone who has shown great spirit, dedication and talent to succeed.

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The Impartial Reporter Sporting Great

Will be awarded to a Fermanagh sporting star who has made a telling contribution to sport in the area. This person will be well known and have achieved lots of success and used that success to be an inspiration to the young sports stars of today.

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